Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Words of Others

This isn’t a usual post for me.  In fact it’s a not really my post.  Its a post that I am struggling find the right words for.  But I have realised that sometimes the right words are the words of others and so, I am hoping that you will take the time to read the beautiful, eloquent posts below.

I have written a lot about the community of families created by SWAN UK.   I have been incredibly lucky to meet many of those families.  Others I have not.  But we exchange messages, follow each other’s journeys and interact daily.  I don’t like calling it an ‘online community’ it suggests a facelessness.  In fact for many of us, it is the one place where we can always show our true face. Drop the brave face. 

Last week we lost a little girl from that community.  She had turned one just weeks earlier.  The news of her passing reverberated around our community and a tide of sadness surged through it; as we struggled to imagine her family's heartbreak and confronted our own fears head on. That evening we joined together and lit a candle for her.  Candles burned all across the country for a little girl who so many of us never got to meet, but who touched us all.

The blog posts below are from other SWAN UK bloggers.  All of them say so much more than I can.  In fact they say a great deal.  For everyone touched by tragedy.  For everyone faced by fear.  For a strong and brave family.

Most of all, For Lyla. x

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  1. Darlings, so very difficult when a little one passes. Our thoughts are with the family and we pray she rests in peace. It shakes us to the very core as we hug our little ones a bit closer.